Keeping Wills Up-to-date

It is often the case that people make their Will and do not revise or update it. People’s circumstances change and unless Wills are updated at intervals, some bequests could be declared void. Sometimes the circumstances of the testator may change and their intention may be unclear. This would be unfortunate where a testator wanted to reward somebody but over time, with changed circumstances, at the time of death the award not possible. An example could be where a particular property is left to a person but in the intervening years the testator had sold the property.
Also a Will could name grandchildren who are to be given money but over the years more grand children are born. Unless the Will is updated those grandchildren not named would receive nothing. This would clearly not be the intention of the testator.
So, revising a Will perhaps every five years would make sense and on the death of the testator their intentions in the Will would be clear and would avoid creating any possible issues on the granting of probate.


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